ADKON Security is a private security company located in West Palm Beach, Florida individually owned and operated providing professional security services that fit the needs of the client. These services include armed bodyguarding, personal security details and a focus on surveillance and private investigations. Whether you need an armed bodyguard, driver, surveillance or other security related need, ADKON Security can provide you the services that meet your individual needs. I personally handle each need so the client knows that they are only dealing with one person and no one else.

I am a former Police Officer, Detective, Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps and a Corporate Investigator for one of the largest retailers in the world. I have worked hundreds of security details, surveillance operations, investigations and have provided personal security for numerous persons and corporations. My background includes an extensive education and training, both law enforcement and military, corporate investigations and surveillance experience that would be a tremendous benefit to any client seeking my services.

Do you have a spouse or significant other you believe is being unfaithful, an employee or outside entity ripping you off, someone threatening you, a family member or a loved one's safety, then contact me today. My clients are gaurenteed a thorough, professional job every time and you will get results.